Identifying leaders who adjust to the culture of the organization who add a unique and disruptive perspective that accompany the digital transformation that is a continual evolution in today’s world.

From Faro we provide innovative solutions in executive search. We identify talents from a new and global perspective: we focus on learning agility and the innovative capacity of resources beyond their specific technical knowledge. Using talent identification technologies and assessment techniques, we have the ability to find the best talent for each organization, with a focus on cultural fit and long term relationships.

It is always the people who are going to lead the transformation, that is why tracing the path is as important as defining the destination.

Starting from the business strategy, from Faro we accompany our clients in the design of the organization, processes and culture that are needed so that this strategy becomes a management model that allows us to help our clients achieve the expected results.

Diversity is just the first step. Inclusion and equity is next. Companies cannot capture the real value of a diverse workforce until they create an organizational culture that welcomes everyone.

At Faro we work with organizations to promote real change, helping to build diverse and inclusive organizations. We transform the behavior and mentality of teams, individuals, and leaders through a process of diagnosis, design of actions and accompaniment that has a broad impact on the organization.

More than ever, the world is a highly volatile socio-economic environment, where changes are constant, technology evolves at lightning speed, and we need our teams to accompany this process so as not to lose focus on the client and their demands.

From Faro we accompany you with tools for evaluation, development and design of processes that help to enhance talent, and accompany you in the re-skilling and up-skilling of your teams.

Today it is vital for organizations in permanent transformation to develop leaders capable of responding to the challenges of an unpredictable environment, and of promoting those skills within their teams.

From Faro we accompany organizations in the development of high performance teams, adding work methodologies that help them maintain the focus, unity and motivation of their collaborators.